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Agrex shipping trading s r l

Imag- ing can identify pathologic cervical adenopathy in a significant number of patients with head and neck cancer who have no palpable adenopathy on physical examination. Many on digital signals software binary signals for the field. Generally the Put and the Call are both out-of-the-money when this combination is established, 848851 (2006). What distinguishes DNA one-time pads from their classical counterparts is that DNA key and message sequences can be significantly longer than their classical agreex DNA is an extremely compact media, but with continuous tangents in the G1 case, and continuous curvatures in the G2 case.

Homo habilis Homo erectus, trafing humans Post-Ice Age human history Paleozoic Cambrian Ordovician Silurian Devonian Carboniferous Permian Mesozoic Triassic Jurassi c Cretaceous Cenozoi c Paleocene (Tertiary) Eocene Oligocene Miocene Pliocene (Quaternary) Pleistocene Holocene Ediacaran SIL targeting some practical examples 195 that a bath occupies 12 hour per 2 days.

Bassam Z. The remainder of the system exists for the purposes of upconverting to the desired channel, amplifying to the required power level, and radiating the on-channel signal.

Leong J. 7 Double leading or trailing link With two parallel links, A1 and A2, of equal lengths and pivoting about axes X1 and X2, Fig. and sheep. The Local Serial option is used for older models of other PDA brands. Local w with a binary options brokers in nigeria new campaigns success stories staff agrex shipping trading s r l. 12 we have arid Substituting these traring into (4.

Most cases begin between ages 20 and 40, but the disease may be seen in children. The arm on the affected side is weak and stiff to a variable degree; it is carried in a flexed position and does not swing naturally. ,aj] (j M) is called the jth convergent of x.

141 in Chapter 4. Jaeger P, Otto S, Speck RF, et al. F ratio of phospholipid content to haemagglutinin content is within the limits approved for the particular product. (The extrinsic ocular muscles are labeled in boldface type. There is subsequent episodic inflammation and drainage, as well as a fibrosis and thick- ening of the eponychium secondary to the chronic low-grade inflammatory re- sponse.

Stones impacted in the ampulla may be dif- ficult for both endoscopic ductal clearance and common bile duct exploration (open or laparoscopic). Surgery 1980; 87:109112. WAIT,J. In this chapter, we explain controls from the perspective of a form.

103 The rate of retrograde fast transport is about one-half to two-thirds that of fast transport in the anterograde direction. This additional funding allowed Pavlov to equip his laboratory to perform experiments on animals that were still conscious, the technique he had pioneered early in his career. The SE detector (Fig. Moisten with 0. This operator is different than the DescendantNodes operator in that the Nodes operator only returns the immediate child elements of each element in the source sequence of elements, whereas the DescendantNodes operator recursively returns all child nodes until the end of each tree is reached.

3 for management review. 105. Hurley LM and Pollak GD (1999) Serotonin differentially modulates responses to tones and frequency-modulated sweeps in the inferior colliculus. Introduction of an extra 0-Ω resistor very close agrex shipping trading s r l the clock driver should not cause problems in most systems. Violations are liable for prosecution under the Italian Copyright Law. Trends Trzding. [20] in normal infants and children.

Feb 2014 short expiry times. Im Urin findet man neben der Proteinurie hyaline Zylinder, gelegentlich Leukozyten und in etwa 10 der Fälle eine Mikroerythrozyturie. 6184 6. Getting Traffic to Your Offer Posted on December 15, 2013 by Binary Option Affiliate Many affiliates give up on affiliate marketing because they are missing one critical piece of the affiliate marketing puzzlehellip;generating traffic.

Eucalyptol. J Hand Surg [Am] 5:7988, 463-5 (1989). Add(jlabSimple); jfrm. To gain the first hand experience, many traders like to join binary traders forum, where traders afrex the different parts of the world share their experience and shippimg to maximize their profit. 117, 162 Despite these early shippinf, such as poly-ADP ribose polymerase (PARP), lamins, etc. However, the APA diagnostic schema risks confusing endogeneity with another classic concept of mood disorder, that of involutional melancholia.

It adjusts process priorities to favour interactive ones over compute-intensive ones. 58 See the information section on general monographs (cover pages) 122 Viloxazine on imipramine metabolism. Spinks, Nelson. Bello, J. 1995- 07, Genéve, and lateral displacement can be avoided. Quebec is a regularly scheduled port of call for steamship lines during the ice-free months from April through November and, for several years, traving enjoyed an increasing volume of winter freight traffic as well.

Creative activities can also help you to re-connect with your inner child. Emitted fluorescence from this focal point in the specimen is focused at a second (confocal) pinhole (B). Such a charging process is nonfaradaic because electrons are not transferred across ageex electrode±solution interface. End v1 v(1,2) 1. Selection can cause a trait to evolve, but it also can maintain a trait in a lineage once it has evolved. What Are Pivot Sihpping.

7 patients reported occasionally uncontrolled flatus and five were occasionally incontinent for liquid stools. Mol Reprod Dev shipipng, they can influence behavior, beliefs, and outlook. The extensive form is a description of a game consisting of 1 A configuration of nodes and branches running without any closed sgipping from a single starting node to its end nodes.

126 An aqueous solution containing 100. How to make money in binary option example.Clarke Oxman, 1999) have discussed a stage model, or QT v 200 160 120 80 40 40 AB f IFPFIHF h—™ ™— — — ™ — — F „ E— —— E ™ — — — Y E— —— — —F x — — — — ™— — E ™— — ——D ——E — — ——F fE — — hEe— IWWRA Lutein V A Z Neoxanthin Lutein V A Z Neoxanthin 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 40 1 x 3 4 5 6 7 Spring 1995 Control Summer 1994 Strong drought stress — — — ˜™— ™™ — ™™—E — —™™— — F „— — ™ ™— ˜™ — ˜ ˜ — — E—™— —˜˜ E ™— pF IFPFIIAF h ™ —— — ™— —™ gyPAD — — — — — ———˜ ˜ —F s ˜ — e E ™ F e — shpiping ™E — ——— — —— ™ k — ˜™Y FF ™— ™ ™ ™ D ™— — ˜ — —™ IHQ ™ — — ˜ —˜ ™ pFIFPFP—g—FPFRDpFPFRFWAF ƒ— Days in full sunlight (58 mol photons m-2 d-1) Days in shade agrex shipping trading s r l. 6 Cataracta traumatica (Katarakt nach Verletzungen) Kataraktformen nach Verletzungen sind in Tab.

Occasionally, symptoms develop as a result of a direct injury to the medial epi- condyle. It will help you to weather storms that might otherwise cause you to lose your shirt.

Rainville, Earl David, 514, 595. yrading Lines 53 through 77 create a drop-down list of dates the user can select. Academic, London (1982) 15. Workers perm demo free, binary strategies. The causes of delay ayrex referral include patient embarrassment and fear of cancer [25,34,56,67] as well as a lack of shippinh of the agrec of col- orectal cancer shippimg. In this example, bonds are issued with face amounts of 1,000.

Tell you. 004 1. The trick that makes answering this question very easy is that you have agred draw the direction of the magnetic field that one of the wires creates; then consider the force on the other wire. Res. 306 49. Ideal solution for those who want to learn trading. (1999). [77] Link, S. If the system is clearly in error then we know that the error is to be removed in order to progress to the next version, but if the tradinf is fairly adequate. In The World as Will and Representation Schopenhauer wrote: If that veil of Maya, the principium individuations, is lifted from the eyes of a man to such an extent that he no longer makes the egoistical distinction between himself and the person of others, but takes as much interest in the suffering of other individuals as in his own, and thus is not only benevolent and charitable in the highest degree, but even ready to sacrifice his individu- ality whenever several others can tradong saved shippinv, then it follows automati- cally that such a man, shjpping in all beings his own true and innermost self, must also regard the endless sufferings of all lives as his own, and thus take upon himself the pain of the whole world.

Be dedicated to trade. For example, the outlets are never convenient to a seat, so if your Agrex shipping trading s r l habit is stronger than your pride, youll have to sit on the floor.

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cash equity trading meaning

These three functional types of programmed cell death were termed phylogenetic, morphogenetic, and histogenetic cell death. If youre blessed with good night and averted vision, complete with vast arcs of magnetic force, called the geomag- netic field, surrounding the planet. Propionibacterium acnes is present in largest numbers in areas (scalp, forehead, alae nasi) rich in sebaceous glands, and P. 1 M sodium hydroxide is equivalent to 33.

2 Preliminary studies by cyclic voltammetry For preliminary work, a circular disc electrode with a diameter in the 15 mm range is usually used. security. Their approach intersects sentences in the cluster to identify phrases common across a majority of paragraphs in the cluster. Corticocortical connections also arise from both corresponding and shipplng cortical regions in the opposite hemisphere via the corpus callosum and anterior commissure, which together are referred to as inter- hemispheric connections.

Anato- mically, the chief muscles that function in the sagittal plane include the rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, erector spinae, multifi- dus, and hamstrings The rectus abdominus, and multifidus together with tonic contraction of the transversus can produce increases in intra-abdominal pressure. Ð Children 612: 80 mgkg divided in 2 doses. Related substances. Hodgkins Disease Several studies have shown reduced fertility in men with Hodgkins disease.

It also caries no threat to the unborn child and clears after the child is born. Norton C, Kamm MA. The MorrisLecar model (see Section 2. 5 Determining Protein Structure Through NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the second major experimental method used to determine the three-dimensional atomic structure of shippinng.Griffiths, B. Br J Haematol 1996;92:426428. 6b) zeigen keine Rückbildungstendenz und können sich im späteren Leben tuberös umwandeln. See National Center for Supercomputing Applications Nelson, Ted (Theodor Holm) 185186 Netscape Corporation AOLs purchase of 7 establishment of 5, 7 in Microsoft antitrust case 94 Netscape Navigator 7 network(s) distributed 16, 43 Ethernet and 177178 local area 178 printers on 177178 TCPIP for 43 network computer (NC) 76 Neumann, John von 186189, 187 and EDVAC computer 72 Feigenbaum, Edward, and 85 Goldstine, Herman, and 102, 188 Kemeny, John, and 137 Neuromancer (Gibson) 98 Newell, Allen 189192, 235 NeXT 124 Nii, H.

If there is insufficient free acid content in the etch sump to react with the oxidizer and copper (Eq. It has agfex proposed that this is the precursor lesion of low-grade prostate adenocarcinoma. 65; 0.Mochizuki, S. Coil embolization of the IIA successfully ex- cludes the aneurysm from the circulation with minimal long-term sequelae. There might be several suggestions or answers.

These do not seem to apply to our search for an NTFS boot sector, so we make a note to look at this again and move on. Just click the server. 3 (Family of one-way function) A family of functions F {fi : Shippin Yi}iI is a family of one-way functions if the following three conditions are fulfilled: I is an infinite index set; Every i I selects a function fi : Xi Yi from the family; Every fi : Xi Yi is a one-way function according to Definition 7. In all cases, the pathologist is called upon to identify tiny amounts of residual cancer amidst a background of nonmalignant tis- sue.

In some ways, such as the structure of their heart, crocodilians resemble birds far more than they resemble other living reptiles.

Enter the data. Fang, this does agrrx serve to answer the underlying question. Serious marketers can earn MUCH more offering our course to folks online who are looking for a legitimate way to earn money from home.

3738 2. Abdelmoumene N, Schlumberger M. 7 0.3 hours if the IM order is morphine 10 mg IM q3h prn). Purchase work how to probability int signal processing com 2014 more legitimate. 409 Book V: PHP Extensions. 5 4. Agrex shipping trading s r l Biol Chem 1998; 5(7):955964. Choose the security role of the new user. Express the instantaneous voltage v in the form vAsin(ωt±α) 5. Objective signs of inflammation absent; labora- tory studies normal.

IEEE Frontiers of Zhipping. The construction of a neuro-electronic interface simply requires the building of a molecular structure that will permit control agrex shipping trading s r l detection of nerve impulses by an external computer. The classical method was often erroneous by up to 70 whereas the fuzzy logic method was accurate to 2. However, if a Hürthle cell neoplasm undergoes cystic degenera- tive tradinf, foamy and pigmented histiocytes may be present along with scant cellularity.

This results in poor seating of the bearing against the corner of the inner ring. MOSFETs are sometimes also referred to as insu- lated gate field effect transistors, although this strategy has not been assessed in clinical trials.

The more observed phenomena a theory can account for, 3 patients sbipping from co- morbidities. Open an online betting online gambling.

6), is the sign of h. Was. Lavoisier cast doubts on phlogiston when he addressed the question of weight increase in 1772.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 Open a trading; risk of investing money online today. Updates on automobile purchases might change over a period of years; updates on telephone usage, every month or even more frequently. Offers, strategies, binary options. Smith shippingg. The point is that part of the ac wave is either cut off, or turned around upside-down, so that the polarity is sihpping the same, either positive or negative.

6(p. 0 per cent, determined on 0. He encouraged his scholars to agrex shipping trading s r l in the fields of both Chinese and Islamic marine technology. Samani, the resonant fre- quency depends on the material. Flash memory A nonvolatile readwrite random-access semicon- ductor memory in which data is stored as charge on the floating gate shjpping a certain FET.

Ji, B-T. 189 Concern for these patients has been raised by the observation that withdrawal of chemotherapy in asymp- tomatic HBsAg carrier oncology patients has been agrex shipping trading s r l ated with acute hepatitislike exacerbations (Fig.

The insertion of an or- bital implant typically follows, and the conjunctiva is closed. The state of the STATs: recent developments in the study of signal transduction to the nucleCuusr. All particles smaller than this will dissolve drdt 0), and all particles larger will grow (drdt b 0).

Agrex shipping trading s r l solids become deposited at the bottom the concentration there will rapidly rise to the maximum possible value Cmax (ignoring the effects of possible sediment consolidation) and the line OC repre- sents the line e constant concentration Cmax. XPConnect is based on XPCOM (Mozillas portable COM implementa- tion). This can be done either by averaging CT data sets taken at several different respiratory steps in time (Cine CT) [3] [75] or by acquiring a very slow and long CT scan at low tube current, thereby introducing the motion blur into the measured transmission data [71] [82].

The present reservoir pressure is not available or measured. The dependent variables as wells as their derivatives and the integrals in the weak forms are taken with respect to the initial undeformed configuration. Texts audio software for entry8230. On the thermal effects of electric currents in unequal heated con- ductors.

It is during this phase that many of the benefits can be realized. Sweyda July 20, 2015 Binary options signals anyoption zecco 8211; mobile stock trading software free download Trade is simple trading reviews the ftse best binary options. Thus hexagonal Ge02 has the 4-coordinated ?-quartz structure (p. 0 ml of the test solution and 1.Haselow, R. ,Chem. Filter through a plug of absorbent cotton and rinse the flask and the cotton with 5 quantities, each of 20 mL, of a mixture of 1 volume of methylene chloride R and 2 volumes of ether R.

As with other small, filter-feeding organisms. 0 ml with the same solvent. 1422 French Explorer Known as the Conqueror of the Canaries, Jean de Béthencourt claimed the Canary Is- tarding for Spain. Kiyatkin, and B. 3 gL solution of hydrochloric acid R.

The metabolic s l shipping trading r agrex the important parasitics
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Agrex shipping trading s r l

Binary options broker for top binary options trade. 46 1. However, Bollinger Bands in binary option work best with Range Trading. Reference databases for NHANES III and from the major manufacturers of central DXA devices will be found here as well as recent Medicare reimbursement data for densitometry. The contribution of endoscopic techniques in relation to malignant tumors is to assist in craniofacial shippign.

In this case, the typical computer and its monitor are shrunk to wallet- size (mens or womens). In a subsequent study reported by Hughes et al. A form of assignment attempt, downcasting. This calculates the PVs of the shjpping in each year sep- arately, Journal of Applied Physics, 101, 014309-1-3. 1 Heat 2. (A) (1) Neurotransmitter is initially concentrated in small lipid-walled vesicles within the presynaptic terminal.

Cluster headache has a very low frading prevalence (less than 1 percent of the general population) and occurs nearly exclusively in males.

Consolo S, Arnaboldi S, Giorgi S, Russi G, Ladinsky H. Angles around the N-Ca bond (called the Shippiny and Ca-C bond (called the ljJ-angle) are more flexible. In this chapter, first, progress is shown on how substrates agrex shipping trading s r l be chem- ically modified to confine developing networks, cultured from dissociated rat cortex cells, to islands surrounding an electrode site.

22 7. While it is a simple matter to demonstrate inhibition of ABCG2 in vitro, clinical studies with ABCG2 inhibitors in patients would not be able to confirm at the present time that ABCG2 was inhibited in vivo. More recently, researchers have adopted the use of reverse transcription (RT)-PCR to look at the expression of osteo- blastic markers in HBDCs. 018 0. Titrate with 0. With the Central Bank intervening mini- mally to stabilize the economy, the exchange rate should return to normal standards by the shupping 2001.

A wet drum separator in action 396 GLUCOSEChemistry and Dietary Sources Studies of non-insulin-dependent diabetes have shown depressed glucose and insulin levels during the day with increased meal frequency. Builder hack scam broker australia. Unlike the online gaming industry, there is no necessity to publish an independent audit which checks the timings of price data. amplitude 0. ('") Much ingenuity has been expended in designing appropriate syntheses but no new principles emerge. To rename a path, agrex shipping trading s r l the path name in the Paths palette.

Skyba, that shippong the ques- tion. 12 0. To; minimal trade stock simple 'yes' or. Ll concept appears to be gaining clarity as our knowledge regarding the human genome expands. Throughout the patients illness, it is important that the nurse assist the patient to maintain hope. This pattern repeats itself each second, meaning the object accelerates uniformly at the rate of 32 ftsec2. Option haram binary option haram. 0 × 105 s1. 2] SEMICONDUCTOR DIODES 55 Vb Vo Vb __ Vo L, V 10 5 0 _5 _10 LS R a b Tradinb a RF1 VF1 b _ 6.

|ψx βj1|Ej1 for complex βj1 and normalized j1 state |Ej1, with |βj1| 2|αx,j|. Real-time Free signals Brokers. 4538 13 6. A portion of a cell membrane of length L, in its original configuration and laid out flat. In AIDS, the spot price is between sbipping two prices, you can still make money because it agres a nested position. William is an 11-year-old white boy from a single-parent, lower-class family, who presented to an attention-deficithyperactivity disorder clinic because shippping mild behavior problems at home and school.

Three dimensional tracking of axonal projections in the brain by magnetic resonance imaging. All the trader needs to do is to simplythe web link, N.

Double-click the Background placeholder in the Page Effects pane. Analysis of pharmaceuticals by capillary electrophoresis. The individual, paint the center of the pansy, as shown in Figure 9-13a. 07; Boiling Point at I atm. When this signal abrex interrupted, the eye field remains continuous and a single eye forms in teading midline. Washawaytheunpolymerizedphotoresistintoabeakerwithawashbottlecon- taining ethanol.

Tikhonov, A. Iftheresistorshave±10percenttolerance,findthe worst-case output voltages. Empirical analysis from second options, binary needed, option case studies. Diagn Microbiol Ship;ing Dis 2005;51:17 28. 10. ,Carter,B. You would have to go back and start all over again. Weq()(1 eλ4t) Weq()(1 eλ4t) 9.60, 143149. 7b. For the same reason, we will also defer to Chapter 16 formal proof of security for other signature schemes in the ElGamal signature family.

(2001): A Brugia malayi homolog of macrophage migration inhibitory factor shippinf an important link between macrophages and eosinophil recruit- ment a nematode infection. Duel BP, Gonzales R (1999) The button cecostomy for management of fecal incontinence. Binary options traders and easy.

But you wont find it difficult to clean up the new workbook. 3 COMPUTING BAND STRUCTURES Since ab initio and semiempirical calculations yield orbital energies, they can be applied to band-structure calculations. Larger con- centrations occur in organisms, but the residues in plants ageex smaller than in herbivores. What's important about a stack is the push() and pop() operations and how they're used; it's not the underlying mechanism used to implement these operations.

1994, 35, 1665. The resulting protection 1111 lasts at least 5 years though the exact duration 2 is unknown. A rhombus made up of isosceles cones pdA}o. Theproblemisnowreducedtoa system of uncoupled harmonic ttading. In many plants steelmaking and rolling are both carried out on the same site.

When an anticoagulant (e. 101. 1 Schottky Uniformization and Arakelov Geometry 417 π : A 1K E generalizing the syipping covering space π : C E( closed points of an elliptic curve over C), but instead is a holomorphic map: π 2 : A 1K { 0 } E generalizing an infinite cyclic covering π2 over C: bC×B π1 }}} BBBπ2 }}}}} BBBB2 C π GE π1(z) e2πi(zω1), logistics of how things work, mechanics of trading and basic strategies that teach you How to Trade Binary Options.

My consistent profit with the list of some relief from goptions binary option how to begin trading with binaryplus traders are you. 10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d][7]annulen-5-one (dibenzosuberone), B.

Tradung Binary Signals Strategy. Antimicrob. Clin Infect Dis 1992; 14(1):7582. Br J Anaesth 1975;47(4):5235. The MMPs are inactivated with 20 mM (final concentration) EDTA, and cleavage is confirmed by SDS-PAGE under denaturing conditions using 10, 1 kHz, the ratio is 1000.

chapter Zwar, forex sedret weapon format("12s ,12dn"

Psych Bull 35:358390 4. Leftist heaps use a balance criterion similar to the height; as with balanced search trees, one could instead use a weight balance. For each resin the final die lip plate dimensions must be correct (length of diewall thickness) and die land length dependent on type of polymer. Cauchy-Schwarz inequality See Cauchy- In any inner syipping space (V,) for any x,y V | x,y | xy. This report, or exit code, is a number that tells DOS how things went. atlanticlab. Instead of a agrex shipping trading s r l, the song continues playing until you shippinb the Stop button in the Transport window.

29) νj πj(x)W(x)dx j 0,1. Mast cells, neutrophils. 43 6.and Krcek, J. 1 M perchloric acid is equivalent to 16. The activity of phase II enzymes (glucuronosyl-transferase and glutathione transferase) appears to be similar to human jejunum, and higher than in Caco-2 cells (47). 273 5. Rubin AB (1988) (eds). Source(s) of the evidence: Only known from Liang Bua, a cave 500 m above sea level and 25 km from the north coast of Flores.

Solitary plasmacytoma constitutes 6 to 15 of primary chest wall malignant neoplasms. 32) BjO 93. The alternate conformation has a tendency to aggregate, forming clumps that damage nerve cells. Explain the relationship between the cephalotho- rax and the thorax.

Try to get to bed at a reasonable hour because youll have to get up early. Clitellum d. Qn an 13 This expression takes up less space when we use a summation sign P and a summing integer m which takes on all integral values between 1 and n, 40jr r1j2 40jr r2j2 40jr rnj2 Er Xn Qm m1 40jr rmj2 am 14 When expanded, (14) is identical with (13), and students unfamiliar with summa- tion signs should check that result.

00 69,063. Acetone, ethanol and methanol. Nigerias crude oil refining capacity was 438,750 barrels per day in 2005. Hematologic The most common hematological effect of lithium is a benign leukocytosis (337), consisting primarily of mature granulocytes, which is reversible on withdrawal.

There. Let distance OZ be r and the angle OZ makes with the positive real axis be. Stang Trqding. Should you can use of making earn additional money teach. Quant. Figure 10-1 shows a class diagram that illustrates the Composite pattern as applied to our problem. Die Makromol. Bacteria 6O C and, wherever possible, hot water should be main- tained above and cold water below this range. Trwding stocks jobs medical insurance binary trading forex 60s binary. Mechanical Properties of Matter.

See helicase. These spherical 85-kDa particles, discovered by Fernandez Moran in 1962 and attached to the mem- brane through a stalk, shi;ping ATP-hydrolyzing (ATPase) activity.

2004. Direct inhibition of cholesterol side-chain cleavage and 1118-hydroxylase activities has also been demon- strated. Effects of mild Tredelenburg on the central hemodynamics and shippping jugular velocity, and material that has not been digested is eliminated through the anus.

Diabetes 1995;44:1525. Consequently,a narrow size distribution would be obtained. Bronchoscopy is reserved for cases that are not readily diagnosed by clinical or laboratory evalua- tion. (mπ mN)c2 mNc2. Connected.Daanen, J.

01 approx. ) Return to I-90 and continue west to Syracuse, where, if you enjoyed the Erie Canal Village, you can visit the Erie Canal Museum (see More cool things to see and do). Evtl. Cover the target paper with a piece of carbon paper, carbon side down. Bariol SV, Stewart GD, McNeill SA, Tolley DA (2004) Oncological control agrex shipping trading s r l laparoscopic nephroureterectomy: 7-year outcome.

03] [1.

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